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What potential consequences do you face if convicted of DWI?

If you were arrested on suspicion of DWI, you need to know what is at stake. The potential consequences of a conviction can be harsh and could affect many aspects of your life. Texas law provides for jail or prison time, fines and the loss of your driver’s license for specific time periods, depending on […]

Woman arrested on DWI charges after fatal accident

In Texas, being charged with drunk driving can have far-reaching consequences in the event of a conviction. With the litany of penalties that can be assessed, those who are charged with a crime for DWI need to know that they have rights regardless of the outcome of the incident. This is true whether it is […]

Our firm has helped many people accused of DWI offenses

Everybody in Bexar County should understand how it works: if police pull you over and your blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher on a breath test, you will be convicted of DWI. Like a lot of things that people know, however, this statement hasn’t always turned out to be so. It might not […]

Man charged with DWI offenses after crashing into stopped SUV

Drivers in San Antonio who are confronted with allegations and an arrest for a DWI offense need to be fully aware of the possibility of being charged with a crime and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction. DWI charges can lead to long-term problems including hefty fines, a loss of driving privileges, jail time […]

An introduction to ignition interlock devices in Texas

When a Texas driver is the subject of a court order involving certain kinds of DWI charges, they may be required to obtain an interlock license to prevent their driving privileges from being canceled. An interlock license limits the holder to operating motor vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device. What does this mean for […]

Tonight San Antonio police are out for drunk drivers

If you are like many workers in San Antonio, you are probably watching the clock at your office, waiting for your New Year’s Eve festivities to begin. Maybe you have plans to attend a party with friends. Maybe you have special reservations with your sweetie at a favorite restaurant with your favorite margaritas.  Whatever fun […]