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Should you worry if your parents’ nursing home is reducing staff?

You and your parents love the nursing home they are in. It is cheerful and spacious, and the staff members are attentive. However, you hear that the nursing home is making staff reductions. Is that reason to worry? Possibly, since lower staff numbers may lead to increases in abuse. Sometimes, the abuse may even be […]

What must one do after a personal injury car accident in Texas?

From time to time, Bexar County residents will hear about hit-and-run accidents in the news. Everyone knows that they have to stop, render assistance and provide information if they are involved in a car accident. But, what is the exact law that applies when a person is involved in an auto accident where a death […]

Feeling cloudy after an accident? Get to a doctor

It’s become a topic of hot debate in the sports world: traumatic brain injury. The movie “Concussion” has even pushed the NFL to change its policies. These types of injuries are not limited to the sports field. They often occur in auto accidents. The symptoms can be subtle. Often people mention feeling cloudy. Diagnosis has […]

Halloween Safety Precautions

Another Halloween will soon be upon us. Enjoy the festivities of the season – pumpkins, ghoulish or whimsical decorations, hot apple cider, haunted houses, and FINALLY some cooler weather! But also, remember to be safe. While enjoying the holiday, which will lead into Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it, please remember to exercise […]

Health Insurance Companies Must Work with Injured Victims in Texas

Recently, the Texas Legislature passed a bill which can greatly help people who are injured in accidents and who may be covered by health insurance insurance. The legislature is addressing an issue of Insurance Subrogation Law. This area of the law had reached the point that it benefited insurance companies to the detriment of the […]