TV reporter becomes the news after being charged with a crime

Television reporters are used to being in front of the camera while they cover a story. What most are not used to, however, is being in front of the camera because they are the subject of a news story. This recently happened to a television reporter here in San Antonio who was charged with a crime.

Police reports indicate that just prior to midnight on a recent Friday night, a police officer out of his jurisdiction observed a vehicle heading northbound on U.S. 281. The vehicle appeared to be weaving between lanes and almost struck numerous vehicles. The officer called for backup from local police as he initiated a traffic stop for failure to signal.

The officers who responded to the call suspected the 32-year-old woman driving the car of being intoxicated. Allegedly, her blood alcohol concentration according to a breath test was approximately .20, which is above the Texas legal limit of .08. That woman was identified as Priya Sridhar, who is part of KENS’s “Eyewitness Wants to Know” reports. Not only could she face criminal penalties if convicted, but she could also lose her job.

Being charged with a crime such as DUI or DWI can have numerous adverse effects on the life of an accused individual, both personally and professionally. Like other San Antonio residents who find themselves in a similar situation, Sridhar is likely relying upon the expertise of criminal defense counsel as her case moves forward. It might be possible to reduce, or even eliminate, the impact of drunk driving charges on one’s life after considering all of the options available for pursuing the best possible resolution.

Source:, “San Antonio TV reporter booked on DWI charge“, Tyler White and Jeanne Jackle, May 1, 2017