Tonight San Antonio police are out for drunk drivers

If you are like many workers in San Antonio, you are probably watching the clock at your office, waiting for your New Year’s Eve festivities to begin. Maybe you have plans to attend a party with friends. Maybe you have special reservations with your sweetie at a favorite restaurant with your favorite margaritas. 

Whatever fun you plan on having tonight, you should be keenly aware that the San Antonio Police Department is out in full force and could possibly put a damper on your evening. “We are going to be out there,” warns the police sergeant, discussing how patrols will be looking specifically for signs of drunk driving and aggressively targeting DUI suspects.

History shows that this month and holidays in particular result in high numbers of DUI arrests in San Antonio and across the state. So far in 2015, the SAPD has made nearly 5,000 DUI arrests. And tonight’s police presence on the roads is sure to add to that already high number.

Just because it is a holiday and more patrols are out does not mean that you have fewer rights. Someone who is pulled over and investigated for suspected drunk driving isn’t guilty of a crime just for being stopped. It is one thing to cooperate with law enforcement and another to say too much. Work with a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible and before making a statement to police. That would be a helpful way to begin 2016 should your celebrations end in an arrest.