Woman arrested on DWI charges after fatal accident

In Texas, being charged with drunk driving can have far-reaching consequences in the event of a conviction. With the litany of penalties that can be assessed, those who are charged with a crime for DWI need to know that they have rights regardless of the outcome of the incident. This is true whether it is just a traffic stop and DWI charges are made or if there is an accident with injuries and even death and it becomes a felony DWI. Before saying anything to law enforcement, the person charged needs to make sure to know their legal rights.

A car accident claimed the life of one man and injured his passenger. The early morning accident happened when a woman allegedly went through a red light, hitting the car that the man and his passenger were riding in. According to law enforcement, the woman was driving under the influence and had a 6-year-old child riding in the vehicle with her. They were also hospitalized with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening.

While any accident in which there are injuries and fatalities will be troublesome, it is more stigmatized when one of the drivers is believed to have been under the influence. In Texas, there are harsh penalties for those who are convicted of DWI including a possible jail sentence, the loss of driving privileges, financial sanctions and more.

Although there will be an automatic reaction when someone is accused of driving drunk, that does not necessarily mean they are guilty. For example, a breathalyzer test might not be functioning properly or the person administering the test might make a mistake. No matter the level of offense, having legal help is a foundational imperative for anyone charged with DWI.

Source:Â news4sanantonio.com, “Drunk driving accident kills man, leaves three injured,” May 30, 2016