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Injured track coach avoided a head-on collision, 18 students hurt

Throughout the school year, students across the country travel for sporting events. Their parents anticipate their safe return home at the end of every event. For the parents of one boys track team here in Texas, a near head-on collision shattered that expectation. The parents of the 18 students injured in the crash have the […]

Hours of service rules in commercial vehicle accident cases, P.2

In any personal injury case, a plaintiff is required to prove certain elements at trial in order to build a viable case. These elements vary from claim to claim, but any negligence claim must generally involve proof of four basic elements: duty; breach; causation and harm. Together, these elements essentially involve demonstrating that the defendant […]

Hours of service rules in commercial vehicle accident cases, P.1

Recently, we’ve been looking at the topic of drowsy or fatigued driving and its effects on motor vehicle safety. As we’ve noted, researchers have compared the impairment caused by fatigue to impairment caused by alcohol, and the consequences of this impairment are potentially very serious for commercial vehicle drivers given the size and weight of […]

Do hours-of-service rules keep drowsy drivers off the road?

As a follow up on our recent post about driver fatigue, we look at rules designed to prevent it. Truck driving is a job that requires long hours and pressure to be on time. Maneuvering a large rig down busy city streets or a crowded highway is no easy task. Being sleepy on the job […]

Drowsy driving: looking at the risks, the toll

All of our readers have probably, at some point, experienced drowsiness or fatigue while driving. Those who have experienced significant fatigue behind the wheel know that it is a very dangerous state in which to drive, and that it can quickly and easily lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. The impact of fatigue on driving […]

Why does Texas lead the nation in fatal truck accidents?

The weight differential between big rigs and passenger vehicles is an obvious cause of serious injuries and death in these cases. Why our state leads the nation in fatal trucking accidents is more nuanced. Recently, a jury decided that surviving family members of a young truck-accident victim deserved many millions of dollars in damages. The […]

One killed, one injured in semi truck accident

Anyone who spends any amount of time on the roads and highways of Bexar County knows that semitrailer trucks are commonly encountered there. Fortunately, the vast majority of truck drivers are responsible professionals who exercise the appropriate amount of caution while driving. There are a few bad apples out there, however, and a recent accident […]

Truck accident statistics make for sobering reading

As Bexar County residents might well imagine, truck accidents can inflict serious injury and death on victims. The federal government has compiled some statistics showing the terrible toll that truck accidents take on the nation’s drivers and passengers each year. Below is a quick summary of some of the government’s findings. In 2014, the most […]