Man charged with DWI offenses after crashing into stopped SUV

Drivers in San Antonio who are confronted with allegations and an arrest for a DWI offense need to be fully aware of the possibility of being charged with a crime and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction. DWI charges can lead to long-term problems including hefty fines, a loss of driving privileges, jail time and other penalties. Formulating a strong defense and understanding that law enforcement must follow certain procedures to ensure the investigation and arrest are valid are key factors when preparing for the case.

An accident on a Texas interstate that injured three people led to the arrest of a man for drunk driving offenses. In this crash, a driver had pulled his SUV to the side of the road to assist another driver whose vehicle was disabled. While the SUV driver was looking at the disabled vehicle, a Ford F250 pickup truck rear-ended the SUV. The SUV subsequently crashed into the disabled vehicle. A woman who was asleep in the SUV was taken to the hospital. She was reported in serious condition. The driver who had stopped to help was also hurt and hospitalized. The pickup driver was injured and in serious condition. During their investigation, law enforcement claims to have found an open container of alcohol in the pickup. The charges the pickup driver will face are pending.

There are numerous factors that go into a DWI case, including the blood alcohol content, a series of sobriety tests and more. Any of these could be flawed in one way or another. For example, a breathalyzer machine might not be properly calibrated leading to a false result. If there were an accident, there is a chance that the other driver bore some amount of the responsibility if there was a violation such as running a red light. A full investigation is imperative to determine how to approach a defense.

With the injuries and circumstances of this accident, it might be easy to jump to conclusions as to the fault of the driver of the pickup. Regardless of the situation with this case, the pickup driver needs to prepare for his case with help from a legal professional experienced in helping clients avoid the harshest penalties for a DWI charge.

Source:, “Three people injured in overnight highway crash near downtown, SAPD suspects DWI,” Tyler White, April 16, 2016