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Pool Company President Prosecuted in Drowning Death

Pool season has begun in San Antonio. The pool season should be a time of care-free fun for children on summer break. However, there will be numerous pool tragedies involving drowning in Texas during this summer. The causes of the drowning will vary from, no fencing, no supervision, slippery surfaces, and incorrect pool design. Negligent […]

Surgery with Surgical Robots not for the Inexperienced Surgeon

San Antonio medical malpractice injury lawyers are taking more inquiries from individuals injured in surgical procedures performed with surgical robots. The surgical robots can make surgery less invasive. Surgeons can operate through small holes in the patient instead of through a large incision. The robot with up to four remote-controlled arms and a sophisticated camera […]

San Antonio and Texas Defective Product Recall

Potential serious injuries and death may result from riding a defective All-Terrain Vehicle. San Antonio, Texas purchasers and those across the State of Texas and the United States should be made aware that if they purchased a Polaris ATV that was manufactured between January 2009 and August 2009, the vehicle may have a defective front […]

Texas Medical Malpractice Attorneys Need to Investigate Off-Label Promotion by Manufacturers of Medical Devices

“Off-label” uses for drugs and medical devices have been in the news lately. What is “off-label” use? Essentially, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a drug or medical device, the specific conditions for which the drug or device is approved are listed. Some drugs and devices, however, can provide positive benefits to patients […]

Product Liability Lawsuits Protect Texas Citizens and Assist Federal Regulators

Product Liability lawsuits often assist federal regulators in identifying dangerous products and making them safer for consumers to use or own. Federal Regulators are often caught off guard when emerging hazards develop. One of the goals of a product liability suit is to improve the safety of a product for the public at large. Most […]

Federal Rules May Prevent Texas Consumers From Being Protected

It was recently reported in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that President Bush is attempting to use his last months in office to enact rules that will prevent consumers injured by dangerous products from seeking compensation. Issuing rules, rather than having Congress review and pass laws, the administration is attempting to protect corporations and is […]