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Mental health issues plague mother facing capital murder charge

Thousands of people here in Texas and across the country suffer from a variety of mental health issues. Those issues make their lives challenging, and some of them might even become violent. The question is whether they should be incarcerated or given the help they need. This question could play a significant role in a […]

After 21 years in prison, officer found innocent of rape charges

Even with all of the safeguards built into the criminal justice system, innocent people are still sent to prison. This possibility is why prosecutors — and not the accused individuals — must prove guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. A case in point involves a former Texas police officer who spent 21 years […]

We can provide guidance for those facing serious charges

Every year, numerous people in Bexar County find themselves facing felony charges. It’s natural to find the situation confusing and overwhelming. This is one area where you want to get excellent advice and counsel before making any life-impacting decisions. For example, many people in Texas find that they are being accused of misapplication of fiduciary […]