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Injury Lawyers Favor Giving Safety Recalls Teeth

San Antonio injury lawyers support Congress in its efforts to take dangerous cars off our roads more quickly. Congress is considering legislation that would help the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) quickly order recalls if it finds an imminent hazard of death or serious bodily injury. Currently, if an automaker contests the need for […]

Product Defects in Texas Cause Personal Injuries

Personal injuries in Texas caused by product defects occur too often. San Antonio personal injury lawyers with experience in product defect cases have kept all of us safer by holding manufacturers accountable. Product liability lawsuits have become an increasingly important means of keeping consumers safe. Case in Point: the current Toyota Motor Corp. recalls highlight […]

San Antonio Accidents Caused by Prescription Drug Abuse

San Antonio auto accidents are routinely caused by drunk drivers and occasionally caused by the driver’s abuse of prescription medication. Driving an automobile while under the influence of prescription medication is illegal and is considered a DWI with the same penalties as driving while under the influence of alcohol. When a serious motor-vehicle accident is […]

Reducing Medical Errors Best Way to Cut Costs and Protect San Antonio Patients

In the recent debate over medical insurance reform an often trumpeted statement is that legal malpractice cases are driving up the cost of health insurance coverage. To support this view Texans for Lawsuit Reform cite the statistic that medical-liability-insurance rates have gone down by an average of 21% after Texas imposed various legal changes to […]

UPDATE – Product Liability Lawsuits Protect Texas Citizens and Assist Federal Regulators

As an update to the previous entry on all-terrain vehicles (ATV) from November 6, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSA) recently released its final order on ATV safety. Three-wheel ATVs are still under investigation and until final product safety guidelines are enacted, these models cannot be manufactured in, or imported into, the United States. Beginning […]

Texas Uninsured Motorist Coverage Value Is Reduced By Texas Supreme Court

In a 2008 Texas Supreme Court Opinion the Court ruled that property damage or personal injury caused by large parts detached or separated from a motor vehicle are no longer covered by a persons uninsured motorist coverage. The style of the case is Nationwide Insurance Company vs. Elchehimi (“Nationwide Insurance Case”). In the Nationwide Insurance […]