How new technology may stop drunk driving

If you have been out with friends, or even drinking alone, it is not always easy to tell how intoxicated you are. You may get behind the wheel of your car without realizing that you are too drunk to drive. This can end with something as simple as getting pulled over to something tragic like a deadly accident.

In 2016, 28 people were killed in a DUI accident each day. This is an increase from 2015 of almost 300 deaths for the entire year. Experts claim that DUI deaths are increasing in ways that have never been seen before. Fortunately, new technology is currently in development to warn drivers when they are too drunk to drive.

Using breath and touch

Some compare the development of this new technology to something as important as the invention of the seatbelt, and feel it is a vital tool in saving lives. The technology, which stops cars from operating if the driver is too drunk, works around the following ideas.

Sensors are mounted in front of the driver to test blood alcohol levels from his or her breath. Often, the driver will not notice he or she is being monitored.

The driver would be required to touch a start button or other designated area to start the car. An infrared light scanner is used with the spot to measure alcohol levels.

Through touch and breath, researchers are developing ways to use technology to stop drunk drivers. This will save the driver from any future consequences, and protect lives on every road. It is expected that neither approach will be embarrassing or obtrusive, so drivers will not be ashamed to use it.

A successful future

As future technology will benefit drivers down the road, you may face drunk driving charges right now. Since a criminal record can directly impact your future, we suggest you call an attorney immediately if you have been charged with a DUI or DWI.

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