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You are a good mom who follows the law and would never drive drunk. So how do you find yourself facing DWI charges after having one drink at lunch with a friend? The reason may be due to biology.

The fact is that women’s bodies process alcohol differently than men’s. Alcohol also has a stronger effect on women. Any of the following factors could explain your high blood alcohol concentration and minor impairment although you limited your alcohol intake.

Smaller physical size

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A car has hit you. Perhaps you suffered serious injuries that have affected your ability to function and to work.

It can be another blow when your insurance company drags out the process of your claim as your medical bills mount. Conversely, the company may offer a quick settlement for a small and seemingly unfair amount. Unfortunately, although you pay your insurer money every month, your provider often does not act in your best interests.

Insurance companies want to make money

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If you have been out with friends, or even drinking alone, it is not always easy to tell how intoxicated you are. You may get behind the wheel of your car without realizing that you are too drunk to drive. This can end with something as simple as getting pulled over to something tragic like a deadly accident.

In 2016, 28 people were killed in a DUI accident each day. This is an increase from 2015 of almost 300 deaths for the entire year. Experts claim that DUI deaths are increasing in ways that have never been seen before. Fortunately, new technology is currently in development to warn drivers when they are too drunk to drive.

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