A worsened medical condition could result from an infection

The fact is that hospitals are full of sick people. The spread of illnesses and infections through a hospital is a risk that many Texas residents who are hospitalized have no choice but to take. They rely on the hospital to maintain as sterile and sanitized an environment as possible to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and other germs that could result in a worsened medical condition for many patients whose immune systems are already compromised.

Contracting an infection in the hospital could threaten your life and/or cause you unnecessary harm. The harm does not always come from the infection itself, although it can. A serious infection often complicates matters for the underlying condition that put you in the hospital in the first place.

An infection could be caused by the hospital failing to take the appropriate measures to minimize any risk to patients. In the alternative, a hospital can do as much as possible to prevent infection, but you could still contract one. If it is not diagnosed quickly, the infection could worsen and spread to the point that you suffer permanent harm. In either case, the hospital could be responsible for what comes after.

Between battling the infection and dealing with a worsened medical condition, the toll on your body could be significant. You deserve better, and you may consider contacting a Texas attorney to explore your legal rights and options. In addition, a thorough investigation of your situation may be done to determine whether negligence led to the harm you suffered. If the circumstances warrant it, a medical malpractice claim could be your next step.