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Settlement reached in teen’s death from wisdom teeth extraction

The civil case related to the death of a teen during wisdom teeth surgery has been closed. Two years after the incident, the medical malpractice claim was settled confidentially. Filed in November, 2011, the case was brought against the medical professionals and facility involved in the 17-year-old girl’s procedure. A lack of oxygen during the […]

Studies reveal shorter hours for residents lead to more medical errors

If you should have the misfortune of being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident or other incident resulting in personal injuries, chances are very good that you will be taken to the nearest emergency room and possibly be admitted to the hospital. Here, the chances are also very good that your care will be […]

Troublesome tech: new medical app leads to numerous misdiagnoses

For millions of Americans both across Texas and the entire nation, smartphones have become an indispensible tool, so much so that it has become difficult to imagine life without them. Their ability to connect us with the worlds of commerce, culture, and entertainment has only accelerated in recent years. Now, in what some have advertised […]