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Bad data can lead to bad medical care and injury

The age of the computer isn’t particularly long, but it’s been underway long enough that there are more than a few axioms now ingrained in nearly everyone’s thinking. One of them is the notion of garbage in, garbage out. What it means is that the quality of a computer’s output depends on the quality of […]

Family files lawsuit against Texas hospital

A civil lawsuit was filed on March 27 against a Texas hospital and a doctor after a woman who underwent laparoscopic surgery experienced medical complications. The plaintiffs allege medical malpractice in the suit against the hospital and the surgeon who performed the operation. The plaintiffs also claim that the defendants’ negligence caused the patient’s death, […]

Texas woman suing doctor for surgical needle left in abdomen

On March 21st, a woman filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County District Court against Christus St. Mary Hospital, the doctor that performed her surgery and the Port Arthur Surgical Association for medical malpractice. She is seeking interest, damages and court costs. The woman underwent laparoscopy. During the final closure of the surgical site, the plaintiff […]

Texas woman files suit against 2 physicians

A Texas widow is suing a radiology practice and two doctors after the death of her husband. She filed the suit both as an individual and as a representative as the man’s estate. The medical malpractice suit, which was filed with Jefferson County District Court, came about after her husband sought medical help for a […]

Child born with cerebral palsy awarded $6.5 million

On Dec. 3, a Texas judge ordered the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood to pay the mother of a five-year-old boy $6.5 million after the child was born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy, which is a severe form of brain damage, is caused by trauma and not a birth defect. According […]

Patient monitoring could prevent deaths

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed by preventable medical error in Texas hospitals and throughout the country. One woman is fighting to prevent medical malpractice through the passage of a new law that would require hospitals to electronically monitor patients’ breathing after surgery. Known as Leah’s Law, the proposed legislation […]

Toe infection leads to $2.5M settlement

Texas readers may be interested to learn about a $2.5 million dollar settlement awarded to the family of a Hawaii man who died as the result of negligent medical care for an infected toe. Because the health center is federally funded, the medical malpractice suit was filed in federal court in August 2012. According to […]

Hospitals scrutinized over unnecessary stent procedures

San Antonio residents may be concerned about emerging details concerning the use of stents. Many experts believe that stents are often implanted unnecessarily to boost revenues at medical facilities, and several medical malpractice lawsuits have been filed after surgical procedures involving stents went badly wrong. Three whistle-blower lawsuits and five federal cases describe padded fees, […]

Increasing Bexar County Wrongful Death Cases

Recently, a 41-year-old man driving down a frontage road on I-20 in south Texas was killed when his car collided with an 18-wheeler flatbed truck making a wide turn onto the same frontage road. A fatal accident such as the one described above may cause emotional suffering, but the loss of a loved one may […]

Bullying among medical professionals may lead to negligence

Texas residents likely did not hear about a case in which a hospital worker was rewarded a $325,000 settlement for a workplace incident in 2008 involving harassment by a superior, but the case exemplifies an issue that has been generating mounting concern in the industry. The worker served as a perfusionist, or the operator of […]