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An introduction to medical malpractice for Bexar County residents

Whenever medical professional mistakes result in a worsened medical condition for Bexar County patients, they may be able to sue for medical malpractice. But what exactly is medical malpractice? This blog post will review some of the basics of medical malpractice for readers who would like a little more information on the topic. Doctors and […]

Wrong site surgery is still a problem across the nation

Wrong site surgery conjures horrifying images of disfigurement or missing body parts. Such a prospect fills citizens of Texas with fear, but in the big picture, such mistakes are relatively rare and usually do not result in significant disfigurement. However, wrong site surgeries do still happen and can lead to emotional devastation and a worsened […]

Anesthesia errors occurring away from the operating room

It’s alarming to discover that deaths due to medical negligence are almost as common, if not more common, in non-operating room settings than in operating room settings. It may be even more disconcerting that many of the errors in question in non-operating room settings involve the administration of anesthesia. There appears to be more instances […]

Study on medical malpractice spawns more questions than answers

If a little of something is a good thing, than a lot of it must be better. That’s a common perception perhaps, but it’s also something any Texas child who has eaten too much candy will tell you is not always true. When it comes to health care, it is generally proposed that high quality […]

Care providers urged to do more to prevent fall injuries

There are certain fields that require practitioners to pursue ongoing education to maintain their licenses. The law is one of them. So is medicine. Indeed, in the medical profession, the standards of care are constantly changing as knowledge about the causes of conditions and the possible cures advances. Doctors and nurses need to stay up […]

Can miraculous surgeries be considered negligence?

Episodes from the popular television drama “Grey’s Anatomy” depict incredibly unusual, innovative and miraculous surgeries. In one episode, the doctors performed a miraculous surgery to save a man’s arm by attaching it to his abdomen. A young doctor came up with the idea at the last minute, while the man was under anesthesia. When the […]

1 little step reduces hospital medical errors for newborns

Risk management is a big deal in the health care world. Patient safety experts in San Antonio and the rest of the country spend a lot of time and energy identifying the various ways patients can wind up in worse shape than when they entered the hospital due to mistakes caused by negligent staff. The […]

When does the clock start ticking for a Texas malpractice claim?

Time is of the essence. If you’ve never heard that phrase before, raise your hand. Anyone? No? That’s not surprising. It’s a pretty common statement. But try to look up where it came from and you’re likely to find it a challenge to get to the root of the thing. After a brief search online […]

Bad medical outcome depends on definition of success

There are different ways to define success. For a child success might mean finally advancing out of diapers. For an aspiring driver success might mean finally passing the necessary tests — even if it takes two or three times to do it. When someone in Texas goes into a hospital or a clinic for a […]

Act swiftly in building strong medical malpractice case

Quality medical care is something we all value, both for ourselves and for our loved ones. When substandard medical care results in serious injury to a patient, one of the means of compensation we have at our disposal is medical malpractice litigation. When it comes to the medical care provided by doctors in VA hospitals, […]