North of San Antonio – Jackknifed 18 Wheeler Kills Woman

On Texas Highway 46 near Blanco Road, north of San Antonio, an accident occurred in which a 29 year old woman was injured and her 71 year old passenger was killed. It appears from published reports that an 18-wheeler lost control and jackknifed on a curve.

When an accident involves a commercial vehicle, especially 18-wheelers, it often results in catastrophic injuries. The size and weight of the vehicles increase the harm they cause and also increase the amount of vigilance required by their drivers.

Whenever a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler is involved in a serious accident it is necessary to do a thorough and timely investigation. As an experienced trucking accident law firm we have hired some of the best accident reconstruction experts in the Country to recreate how an accident happened and how it could have been avoided. When an 18-wheeler loses control and jackknifes it is necessary to look at a number of potential causes: was the driver going to fast for the conditions; was the driver’s inattentive because of logging too many hours; was the tractor- trailer’s maintenance up to date; were the tires unsafe; was the trailer properly lit and marked to be visible when in a jackknifed position; and finally what actions did the truck driver take when the rig jackknifed.