Injury Lawyers Favor Giving Safety Recalls Teeth

San Antonio injury lawyers support Congress in its efforts to take dangerous cars off our roads more quickly. Congress is considering legislation that would help the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) quickly order recalls if it finds an imminent hazard of death or serious bodily injury. Currently, if an automaker contests the need for a safety recall, NHTSA must hold public hearings and develop a case, which can take months and cost lives.

Also being considered for the legislation are requirements that autos be equipped with brake overrides, black boxes and added penalties if car companies fail to promptly report safety defects.

Texas personal injury lawyers have known for a long time that corporations are driven to maximize profits; therefore, they can and often will make a calculated decision to not repair or to deny a defect if the penalties for nondisclosure are less than the cost of repair. Personal injury damages can be delayed or avoided by denying defects. It is often years before the defect is uncovered and many of the injured will be denied compensation because of individual state laws regarding the statute of limitations.

Hopefully Congress will pass a bill with sufficient penalties for nondisclosure of defects that corporations will be compelled to do the right thing for Texas injury claimants.