Headlight Recall – Ford BEV and Focus – Texas Drivers Should Be Aware

The National Highway Safety Administration recently released a recall on some new Ford model vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company has recalled some of its 2012-2013 BEV vehicles, which is Ford’s electric car, as well as some of its 2013 Focus ST vehicles, Ford’s sporty new hatchback.

The problem with the recalled vehicles is their front-side lights. There is a potential defect in the wiring system of their “High Intensity Discharge” headlights. The wiring defect can cause the headlights to be inoperative. Non-functioning headlights can cause the headlights and the vehicles to NOT be in conformity with Federal and State laws regarding vehicle safety.

But, most importantly, a lack of working headlights, which increase driver visibility on the road, can lead to increased chances of a wreck occurring. Something as simple as side headlights can save lives.