Vehicle Defect – Always Be Aware

Malfunctioning Jaguar hose clamp.

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC recently released a recall on some of their 2013 XF 2.0L GTDi cars, due to a malfunctioning hose clamp.

The defective hose clamp device is in the “charge air coolers” of the cars. A charge air cooler is also known as an “intercooler.” The intercooler cools certain elements used in the functions of the car’s engine.

This particular defect causes a problem when the hose detaches, because the system that the hose is attached to controls the steering and braking of the vehicle. If the cooling hose is detached, a driver’s ability to steer and apply the brake to his or her vehicle is diminished, which could cause a wreck, at the worst, and it could cause the car to stall, at the least.

There are enough issues on the roadways with inattentive drivers talking, texting, or simply not paying attention to what is going on around them; but even if a driver is exercising proper care, problems with vehicle defects and recalls can create a danger not otherwise expected. Be careful, and pay attention out there.