Three injured in three-vehicle accident in Texas

A late afternoon accident in Texas, near the Texoma Medical Center, shut down all of the northbound lanes of Highway 75 in Sherman around 5 p.m. Multiple vehicles were involved in the crash that occurred near Fallon Drive. The highway remained closed for about an hour while first responders worked at the scene. Shortly after 6 p.m., a single northbound lane was reopened to traffic. According to Sherman police, all lanes were once again operational by 7 p.m.; however, investigators have still not determined what factors caused the car accident.

According to media sources, a total of three vehicles and five people were involved in the wreck, three of whom were injured. In a KTEN news broadcast, a reporter said that a truck apparently slowed for traffic, which caused an SUV to swerve. A third vehicle then ran into both the truck and the SUV. One person was trapped inside the SUV until emergency crews arrived on the scene. At the time of his statement to the media, a lieutenant with the Sherman Police Department did not believe that any of the injuries appeared life-threatening.

However, the lieutenant went on to say in that statement that the department’s critical accident investigation team would be delving more thoroughly into the case in the event that any additional questions needed to be addressed moving forward. Sources do not indicate if drugs or alcohol played a part in the three-car collision or if any of the injured were hospitalized. The news broadcast suggests that nearby road construction and 5 p.m. traffic may both have contributed to the crash.

Although the reasons that this collision occurred are uncertain, if it is ascertained that a negligent or distracted driver of one or more of the vehicles was at fault, the injured parties may decide to pursue a personal injury claim. In cases like this, an experienced attorney may be able to advise Texas residents regarding the best course of action to take to attain favorable results and to receive the just compensation to which they may be entitled.

Source: KTEN, “3 vehicle accident holds up traffic in Sherman“, Erin Conrad, July 17, 2013