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Two-car accident on 290 claims four lives

Three people were killed in Hays County, Texas, in an accident near Dripping Springs on Sept. 13. A fourth died of his injuries three days later. The men who died were in a Dodge pickup truck traveling east on U.S. 290 at highway speeds when they allegedly ran a red light and crashed into a Honda Accord that was turning on a yellow.

Witnesses report that the fatal accident was a horrific and disturbing scene. The three men who died at the scene were all in the back seat of the truck and, according to witnesses, all killed instantly. Now that the driver of the truck has also succumbed to his injuries, the only survivors of the crash are the front seat passenger in the truck and the driver of the Honda, who was only barely hurt.

The accident occurred in a section of 290 known for its traffic problems. The speed limit is 65 miles per hour, but there are also stoplights and busy cross streets that must move across the high speed traffic. This incident was notable for the large degree of citizen response. Witnesses to the crash say that as many as twenty people got out of their cars and came to help the victims and direct traffic.

Highway speeds combined with abrupt traffic stops can be deadly. A personal injury lawyer may help the families of the deceased file wrongful death suits to seek compensation for their loss. In cases such as these, the lawyer may also investigate a traffic accident to see if a dangerous intersection was a factor in the collision.

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