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How do common birth injuries happen?

A new birth should be an exciting time, but unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong. Birth injuries happen in many ways and affect one or multiple areas: the baby’s nervous system, face or brain, for example. In these cases, pinpointing an injury’s exact cause can be tricky. They may be the result of high risk […]

Were your child’s injuries the result of medical malpractice?

There is no easy answer to this question. However, that does not mean that you should not search for answers regarding the care, or lack of care, your infant received during labor and delivery. If the circumstances fall within the definition of medical malpractice, a claim could be pursued in a Texas civil court. Every […]

Water births: When can they pose problems?

Water immersion labors are becoming increasing popular due to the success rates and benefits to both the child and the mother. Studies show that laboring in water can help reduce pain and the need for anesthesia. Nevertheless, doctors are saying the mother should not actually give birth in the water due to potential risks for […]

What should I know about birth trauma?

Birth trauma relates to injuries suffered by an infant during birth, usually caused by mechanical forces like traction and compression. Birth trauma may cause hypoxic-ischemic insult, permanent injuries and lifelong developmental challenges for affected infants. In extreme cases, birth trauma causes stillbirths and deaths. Two percent of neonatal stillbirths and deaths are attributed to birth […]

Study: Birth trauma in some moms warrants sport injury treatment

Few women who go through natural childbirth would say the first time around is a walk in the park. Most men brave enough to even witness the process would probably be quick to agree. And now new research indicates just how significantly traumatic childbirth can be for some women. The work by a group at […]

Accountability list may be long in Texas birth injury cases

In one of our previous posts we observed that if a child suffers a birth injury, the effects are felt for a lifetime. It can be a physical and emotional challenge for everyone involved, parents and children alike. Very often, even if parents have or find the inner strength to meet the demands of caregiving, […]