Injured track coach avoided a head-on collision, 18 students hurt

Throughout the school year, students across the country travel for sporting events. Their parents anticipate their safe return home at the end of every event. For the parents of one boys track team here in Texas, a near head-on collision shattered that expectation.

The parents of the 18 students injured in the crash have the track coach to thank for their survival. The bus was headed south on Highway 271 in Texas when a semi-truck careened into its path. The coach managed to avoid a head-on collision with the truck, but the two large vehicles still collided. The 30-year-old assistant coach for the girls track team was in a car behind the bus. Her vehicle was also involved, and she died from the impact.

The 50-year-old driver of the 18-wheeler also died. The coach who was driving the bus remained hospitalized in critical condition at last report. The 18 students injured were all taken to the hospital for a variety of unknown injuries. One of those students was hurt seriously enough to be taken from the scene by helicopter. The conditions of the survivors were not reported.

What caused the truck driver to veer into the path of the bus might never be known. Fortunately, that does not necessarily matter because negligence might be proved through other means, such as the results of the official accident investigation. In addition to the estate of the deceased truck driver, his employer might also be held financially responsible for the near head-on collision. Any damages awarded through a successful claim could help defray the financial losses incurred in the aftermath of the accident.

Source:, “Track coach among 2 killed, 18 students injured in East Texas crash“, March 24, 2017