We can provide guidance for those facing serious charges

Every year, numerous people in Bexar County find themselves facing felony charges. It’s natural to find the situation confusing and overwhelming. This is one area where you want to get excellent advice and counsel before making any life-impacting decisions.

For example, many people in Texas find that they are being accused of misapplication of fiduciary property. This is a felony charge in which the defendant is accused of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly misapplying property with which he or she has been entrusted. This type of charge typically involves an employee of a business or nonprofit organization. It may also arise for a person with a responsibility for making decisions on behalf of a friend or relative. A person facing allegations of misapplication of fiduciary property may be facing some stark choices and will want to make sure any decisions made are well-informed. A felony conviction carries consequences that go beyond any jail sentence or fines. Having a felony conviction on your record can interfere with your ability to secure employment or housing for many years to come.

The services of an experienced criminal defense attorney can be most helpful for a person in this situation. Attorney Kurt Gransee has extensive legal knowledge and experience to assist criminal defendants. Before becoming a defense attorney Mr. Gransee worked as an assistant district attorney in Bexar County. This means he knows how prosecutors think and can apply this knowledge for the benefit of his clients.

Serious charges are something that you probably will not want to face alone. For more information, see our felonies webpage.