South Texas Doctor Indicted on Health Care Fraud Charges

Medical Records

When most people think of a medical malpractice claim, images of a botched surgery or missed diagnosis come to mind. However, some cases of Texas medical malpractice involve a doctor’s intentional conduct, not necessarily to harm his patients but to pad his own wallet.

Medical RecordsEarlier this month, federal law enforcement authorities arrested a South Texas doctor (Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada) with offices in the San Antonio, Brownsville and Edinburg/McAllen areas on a seven-count indictment, alleging that the doctor engaged in a “massive fraud scheme that jeopardized the health and wellbeing of innocent children, elderly and disabled victims.” According to a press release by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the doctor falsely diagnosed patients and performed unnecessary medical procedures – including injections and infusions of chemotherapy drugs such as methotrexate. The doctor also allegedly prescribed unnecessary medication to patients. Many of the medications he prescribed can have a harmful effect on healthy individuals. In order to justify these courses of treatment, authorities claim that the doctor falsified medical records, stating that patients claimed to have more pain than they reported to have.

The doctor practiced rheumatology in the Rio Grande Valley and Central Texas, with offices in Brownsville, Edinburg, and San Antonio. He is alleged to have hidden medical records from other doctors who work with his patients, as well as from Medicare oversight. Authorities apparently located a dilapidated barn full of his patients’ medical records.

The indictment notes that dozens of patients have been affected by the doctor’s conduct. However, according to another news report, the doctor treated about 1,500 patients per year, and he billed approximately 50% more per patient that the average doctor in Texas. That being the case, there is no telling the exact number of affected patients.

The doctor seems to have benefited greatly from his practice, which, to some, raises additional suspicions. The doctor has several homes in the U.S. and Mexico, and he drives a 2017 Maserati between his Texas residences. He also owns a six-passenger business jet. In all, the doctor has billed over $50 million since 2000. Authorities claim that, to cover up his illegal activities, the doctor engaged in a complex money laundering scheme.

Texas Medical Malpractice Cases

All Texas medical providers have a duty to their patients to provide a certain acceptable level of medical care. To be sure, not every procedure or course of treatment will be successful. And the law does not expect doctors to be perfect. However, when a doctor’s error is a result of negligent or intentional conduct, the doctor may be held financially liable for their errors through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Anyone considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit should consult with a dedicated Texas medical malpractice attorney prior to doing so.

Have You Been a Victim of Health Care Fraud?

If you or a loved one was under the treatment of Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada in the past, or if you believe that you or a loved one has been treated by a physician who did not have your best interests at heart, or if you have been provided with negligent medical care, you may be entitled to monetary compensation through a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit. The dedicated San Antonio medical malpractice lawyers at the law firm of Rush & Gransee, L.C. have decades of experience representing victims of medical malpractice, as well as their family members. T0 learn more, and to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from Rush & Gransee, L.C., call 210-223-9200 (or Toll Free 888-501-9299), to schedule a free consultation today.

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