Steer clear of construction zone accidents

Construction zones are dangerous for both workers and motorists. When on foot, both workers and visitors to such a jobsite are at risk of being struck by moving equipment. Motorists driving through the area are at risk of having an auto accident. Everyone should be aware of the kind of work that goes on in a construction zone and make every effort to stay safe.

Why motorists run into trouble

Drivers often speed through construction zones, avoiding the safety protocol that has been established. In addition, they may be distracted. They could be calling or texting on their mobile devices, changing stations on the radio, picking up something that was dropped on the floor and, in general, not paying proper attention to the road. Jobsite debris might be present on the roadway. Running across chunks of concrete or nails could rupture a tire and a horrific accident could be the result.

Why workers need to pay attention

Large pieces of equipment are constantly on the move in a construction zone. Serious injuries can occur as the result of the operator of a truck not seeing someone on foot, or heavy equipment like a loader or forklift, when backing up. Workers can also suffer injuries by motorists who are speeding through the construction zone.

Taking precautions

Accidents in construction zones are preventable. Workers should erect plenty of signs warning about the jobsite and posting the speed limit. Concrete barriers should be put up in strategic locations. Motorists should obey the signs, avoid distractions and proceed through a work zone with caution. Operators should undergo thorough training, and they should not move their equipment when people on foot are in the area. On the other hand, pedestrians should be kept well away from moving equipment. Work in construction zones is often done at night, which increases safety concerns for both workers and motorists. Work areas should be well lighted, and it is a good idea for workers to wear reflective or fluorescent safety garments so they are more visible.

Help in time of trouble

Keeping our roads, highways and bridges in good condition is an ongoing effort. However, danger is always present for workers, and the construction zones can be hazardous for motorists. If you have suffered injury due to a construction zone accident, you may have many questions and need to know how to proceed. An attorney experienced with personal injury cases will explain the next steps, go to work to protect your rights and help you receive any compensation to which you are entitled.