How much is enough to compensate for TBI after car crash?

How do you put a price on a life completely altered by a car accident? How do you put a price on the lives of the loved ones now affected? It is not an easy process and no amount of money can ever do justice to the loss suffered. But seeking financial compensation in Texas may be a crucial means for holding the person responsible for the damage accountable.

How much compensation is enough depends on the specifics of your case. Much depends on the damages you experience. If you broke a leg and face six months on crutches, your needs won’t be as significant as someone who suffers traumatic brain injury.

TBI victims may not only lose hopes of a productive future, they may face massive costs for ongoing care. Some of that cost is likely to be borne by loved ones who give up of their own jobs to provide care.

This comes to mind in light of recent developments in what has come to be known as the “affluenza” case of Ethan Couch. He’s the now-18-year-old Texas man who was driving drunk in 2013 and caused a crash that left four people dead and two seriously injured.

Couch received a sentence of just 10 years of probation within the juvenile system — a sentence that would have ended when he turns 19. At the time, a defense psychiatrist called Couch a victim of “affluenza.” Because of family dysfunction and extreme wealth, he has no sense of responsibility.

Last week, a juvenile judge in Fort Worth transferred Couch’s case to adult court. As a result, he will be on probation until 2024 and if he violates probation, he could see the inside of a jail cell.

That is little consolation to the family of Sergio Molina. He’s now paralyzed and needs 24-hour care. The only way he communicates is by blinking his eyes to say “yes” or “no.” His mother, who has four other children, doesn’t work so she can be there for her son.

The family did receive a $2 million settlement in the case, but Molina’s mother suggests delays in getting those funds may have also prevented her son from getting early care that could have provided him a greater level of recovery.

It’s cases like this that highlight why personal injury law practice is so important.