Head-on collision kills 1 in Texas

Two drivers were involved in a head-on collision near Athens on Jan. 21. A truck, heading west, drove head-on into a car around 1:30 p.m. There was one fatality.

DPS announce that they discovered during a preliminary investigation that the driver of the truck had crossed into the westbound lanes and hit the other car head-on. Both drivers were injured during the crash and were taken to a Tyler hospital where the driver of the truck was pronounced dead. The other driver of the car was last reported in serious condition.

Being injured during a head-on collision can be traumatic. Drivers who have been injured and make it through this ordeal are lucky, but that does not mean they should take any chances. The result of a car accident like this has many added stresses such as medical expenses and car repairs. If a driver has been injured because of the negligence of another, a car accident lawyer may be able to help.

A car accident lawyer can provide many services to a victim of one of these collisions. They can assist with property damage claims, car rentals, doctor visits and personal injury protection. Lawyers that practice car accident law can also work with the medical lien holders, medical providers and health insurance companies to negotiate the terms and cost of any claims that may be submitted during the recovery process.

When someone is injured during a head-on collision, finding proper legal advice is recommended. Hospital costs and recovery costs add up quickly. They shouldn’t take a chance that the person at fault will do the right thing. Finding legal representation for your car accident and filing a lawsuit may help recover the costs that were endured.

Source: KETK, “Former deputy killed in Henderson Co. crash,” Jan. 23, 2015