Driver fleeing from minor accident causes second fatal crash

Houston authorities say a man was killed by a suspected drunk driver who ran a red light while fleeing from a rear-end crash at a high rate of speed. The man who was killed was on his way to work when the drunk driver’s truck slammed into his Chevy Tahoe, causing it to land upside-down.

The woman who was hit first became concerned when the driver fled, prompting her to call 911 and state that the man was fleeing at a high rate of speed. When eyewitnesses came to help after the second crash, they smelled alcohol on the truck driver’s breath. Both drivers were taken to the hospital where the driver of the Tahoe was pronounced dead on arrival.

Detectives apprehended the driver of the pickup truck. He reportedly stated that he had a few beers to drink. He was charged for drunk driving and failure to stop and give information. Sources indicate that both vehicles were heavily damaged.

After fatal car crashes such as this, police and other experts may work to reconstruct how the accident happened using evidence left at the scene and witness statements to determine who was at fault for the accident. Once liability has been established, a victim’s family could pursue legal action against that individual. Hiring a personal injury lawyer might prove beneficial during this time.

A lawyer could use reports by police and reconstructionists as well as the charges the liable driver received in a family’s claim. Potential damages that a family might recover could include loss of future economic support, burial costs and loss of comfort and care.

Source: KTRK, “Driver fleeing from minor accident causes second, deadly crash“, December 12, 2014