Texas Trucking Crash Kills 1, Injures 4

There has been another fatal trucking crash in central Texas, with what seems like a recent rash of 18-wheeler tractor trailers involved in serious if not fatal wrecks in the last few months. Yesterday, in San Marcos, Texas, a gravel hauler apparently failed to maintain control as motorists were slowing for traffic conditions. The gravel truck swerved and collided with two other tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles before slamming into the center wall and loosing its load.

It is not known at this point what caused the operator of the gravel truck to lose control – whether simply not being aware of the traffic conditions, being too fatigued to pay attention, or being distracted – but it is clear that one person lost their life and several others were injured. The local authorities dispatched a commercial vehicle crash team, but as we have seen in numerous 18-wheeler cases, a thorough and independent investigation by a highly trained accident reconstruction engineer can provide greater detail into the events. The earlier a team of investigators is retained can determine the amount of information to be gathered – not only at the crash site, but to include a detailed examination of the passenger and commercial vehicles involved, as well as securing evidence from driver logs and other company information.

The increase in commercial traffic in and around central and south Texas in the last few years should cause everyone driving on the roadways to be more vigilant. In many cases, however, being vigilant cannot prevent harm when a commercial vehicle careens out of control and into even the most cautious driver.