Intoxicated driver kills 4 people

Four people were left dead after a car accident in Texas. The accident took place in Harris County on the night of June 22. Officers believe that a man who caused the accident was drinking and driving when he hit the car after running a red light.

Around 10 p.m., the driver was traveling east on Beechnut Road in a van. As he approached the intersection with Synott, he drove through a red light as a Honda Civic was approaching from the northbound lane, and the vehicles collided. When emergency officials responded, they found that four of the five people occupying the Civic had passed away.

The only occupant to survive the crash, the passenger in the front seat, was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition. When the van driver was examined at the scene of the accident, officers noted that he showed signs of impairment, and he was taken into custody and charged. Among the charges were four counts of intoxication manslaughter. Reports say that the driver gave a breath sample and consented to a blood test.

If an investigation into the accident suggests that van driver was intoxicated, the dependents of the deceased victims and the individual who survived the crash might choose to pursue compensation for damages. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, the driver could be held responsible certain losses, including lost financial support and the cost of funeral and burials services. The injured victim might be awarded similar compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “4 dead as suspected drunk driver runs red light“, Dale Lezon, June 23, 2014