2 dead in wrong-way crash on I-10

A fatal car crash occurred on Feb. 24 on Interstate 10 in Texas. According to the report, the wreck, which occurred shortly before 8:45 p.m. near Vinton left two people dead.

A caller initially reported that there was a wrong-way driver traveling on the interstate. Shortly afterward, the wrong-way driver of a silver BMW caused a head-on collision with a red minivan before the authorities could respond. The male driver of the red minivan was killed at the scene of the crash. A helicopter was called in to take the wrong-way driver to a nearby hospital, but the man died before the helicopter could arrive at the scene.

The authorities were still investigating the scene of the accident at the time the report was released, and they were still waiting for the results of any tests to see if alcohol was a cause. However, it was stated that both men that died where in their late 20s to early 30s. Initially it was believed that there was a third person in one of the vehicles as a car seat was discovered, but it was later determined that the car seat was empty when the crash took place.

A wrong-way car accident can have a number of causes, including drunk driving, fatigue and even simple driver error. However, if a driver causes a wrong-way crash that results in the death of another, the family of the deceased person may hold the accused driver responsible by filing a wrongful death claim. In many cases, these accidents result in the death of the driver who allegedly caused the accident. If this were to occur like in this case, the family could file the lawsuit against the accused driver’s estate or the accused driver’s insurance.

Source: KFOX, “Two killed in wrong-way crash on I-10 near Vinton”, Jesse Martinez, Ruben Veloz, February 25, 2014