Hyundai Recall – Suspension Defect

Hyundai Suspension Defect

The manufacturing company, Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, recently released a recall on some of its vehicles that were distributed in certain states. Some Hyundai Sonatas built between 2006 and 2010 and some 2006 to 2011 Azeras are being recalled, due to a faulty suspension system.

The defective suspension system in the cars could cause potential crashes. Due to the manner in which the vehicles were constructed, when road salt (put on the roads after a snowstorm) and water enter the rear suspension system, they cause corrosion that could lead to the rear control members being detached from the rear cross member. These important parts keep the car’s wheels securely attached to and aligned on the vehicle, and they help to maintain steady and manageable suspension while driving.

The main issue with this recall is that it only applies to cars that were sold in certain states, and Texas is not included in the recall. However, a problem could arise when a resident of one of the states named in the recall, like Missouri, New Jersey, New York, or West Virginia, visits or moves to Texas and is involved in a wreck. Further, in this day and age it is not uncommon for people to purchase vehicles through third-party sites such as Ebay,, etc. and cars sold in one part of the country can easily end up in another State. Before making any used vehicle purchase, investigate the history of the make and model you are interested in buying. It is easy to do and can save you money and potentially keep you safer.