Texas Trucking Accidents

Trucking collisions can be the most catastrophic of all motor vehicle accidents. A fully loaded 18-wheel tractor-trailer weighing upwards of 80,000 pounds becomes a force of destruction when not operated in a safe and reasonable manner. A professional truck driver is tested not only on the rules of the road that passenger car drivers know in order to obtain a driver’s license, but must also study and know the commercial driver’s manual for their state as well as be intimately familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations pertaining to safe and reasonable operation of a tractor-trailer. Additionally, trucking companies and those that operate in tractor-trailer transportation are required to know and follow all federal regulations pertaining to their industry. Failing to properly oversee and train drivers, failing to properly monitor the hours of service in which a driver operates, and/or failing to provide proper maintenance of vehicles are common problems within the trucking industry and can lead to devastating injuries and death.

When a trucking collision occurs it is imperative to initiate an immediate investigation. Hiring a lawyer experienced in trucking litigation is paramount. An experienced law firm will have accident re-construction and trucking industry experts on call for immediate response to the scene of a serious wreck. Evidence must be gathered immediately, scene investigation and photographs are of the highest importance, and identification of any and all persons or companies involved are required before even beginning case evaluation. If time has passed following a tractor-trailer wreck, evidence may still be obtainable and developing a litigation discovery plan to obtain all potential documents arising from and leading up to the wreck must be properly sought out. An experienced and aggressive prosecution is the only method to obtain justice for the victims of negligent trucking companies and their drivers.