San Antonio Legal Community Mourns Loss of Judge

The San Antonio legal community lost one of its most respected members this week. Judge Andy Mireles died on December 15, 2009. May he rest in Peace.

Judge Mireles started his career as a personal injury lawyer, fighting for the rights of victims of negligent employers and those that caused needless injury and harm to others. Early in his career he became respected by lawyers and judges in the community as a tenacious opponent. His ethical standards were above reproach, and he soon became regarded as one of the leading lawyers in San Antonio. His dedication to this city was exemplified by his first effort at elected office – Trustee of the San Antonio Independent School District Board. He championed the cause of education and of providing a future for young men and women.

Once he was elected Judge of the 73rd Judicial District Court, he continued to speak out – and act in the best interests – regarding young people. He is considered to have been one of the pioneers of the juvenile justice system in Bexar County. As a judge presiding over civil trials, he always expected lawyers to be prepared and ready. He would always ask lawyers about recent case law that might affect the current argument under discussion, in order to be sure that his rulings were in line with the law. He was also a fierce believer in the fact that the courthouse is a public place and that citizens, acting in their role as jurors, fulfilled the constitutional mandate of our forefathers.

Judge Andy Mireles will long be remembered in this community. His passing brings a heavy heart to those of us privileged to have known him, worked with him and appeared before him. Vaya Con Dios, mi juez.