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Texas pit bull owners attacked by dog

The owners of a pit bull in Texas were in their home when their dog savagely attacked them. Both of the people were bitten as a result of the attack, and the dog ended up being put to sleep. One of the owners try to stop the dog from making a mess on the couch by swatting at the dog’s hind end, but that led to the dog attacking the other owner instead. The pit bull reportedly attacked the woman’s legs. He ended up biting a chunk out of one of her arms as well as both sides of her spine.

The man then used a steak knife to try to fight the dog off the woman, after which he too was attacked. He suffered from animal bites as well and even had to have one of his fingers amputated. Animal Control officers as well as police officershad to shoot the dog with a tranquilizer gun to eventually gain control of him They then took him to a veterinary clinic to be tested for rabies (which came up negative) and be euthanized at the owners’ requests.

People who are attacked by other people’s dogs may be able to file personal injury lawsuits against the owners of the dog. The basis of personal injury lawsuits is that the person’s injuries would not have occurred had it not been for the negligence of the other person. It allows people to receive compensation for their injuries, hospital bills, any time missed from work and pain and suffering.

Personal injury lawyers may be able to assist people filing personal injury claims prepare their claims and file them. Furthermore, they may be able to help them organize and present the evidence that proves their claims to be true in a court of law.

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