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San Antonio Drivers Beware on the Northside

If you drive on the north side of San Antonio, you should be aware that the highest rate for automobile accidents and wrecks are north of downtown. In fact in a recent report on KENS TV it was reported that the top 10 locations in the city for reported car wrecks were all on the north side of the city.

The top 3 intersections for traffic accidents were are along Loop 1604. At the intersection of Bandera Rd. and Loop 1604, there were 85 auto accidents reported in the previous six months. At the intersection of Loop 1604 and IH-10 West, it was reported that there were 100 collisions. And the most dangerous intersection in San Antonio for drivers in the last 6 months has been Loop 1604 and Hwy 281 on the far north side. There were 132 car accidents reported for this intersection in the last six months.

If you have been in an automobile accident, you should immediately contact your insurance carrier. You will also want to obtain the San Antonio Police Department accident report number, so a copy of the report can be obtained. This report will contain the other driver’s identification and their insurance information. If the wreck was caused by the other driver, it is likely that their insurance company will contact you soon after the collision. You should know that you ARE NOT required to give the at fault party’s insurance company a recorded statement. The adjuster will want to ask you questions, while being recorded, and will attempt to have you minimize your injuries, will ask questions designed to indicate that you may have been at fault, and often will attempt to get your permission to settle the claim before you know the full extent of damage to your vehicle or your own injuries, if any.

You should seek any medical attention you feel you need immediately. Contact your family physician, or seek help from a local emergency clinic or hospital emergency room, depending on the nature of your injuries.

You will also most likely be contacted by numerous individuals that have searched the police records. They will call offering a range of “services” including offers to pick you up and transport you to a medical appointment or to an attorney’s office for assistance. While technically legal, these efforts are typically not trustworthy and in many cases people have found that they have hired a chiropractor or physician not of their choosing, along with an attorney, before they have even considered their own well being.

A reputable law firm, and reputable healthcare providers, will not contact you offering services after a car wreck. If you need legal assistance or medical attention, you should seek out the services you desire. A search on the internet can provide a list of physicians and law firms that are available to assist you with questions after a car accident, and after discussing your situation and once you feel comfortable with the person you have chosen, then and only then should you sign any documents.

If an insurance company asks you to sign any paperwork, you should carefully read and review any documents, and seek legal advice if you do not understand the implications. Signing a Release of All Claims without understanding the effect could forever bar you from gaining full compensation for your losses.