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Wrong-way crash could lead to wrongful death case

Any fatal car accident is a tragedy without question. However, accidents which may very well have been prevented, ones that were fueled by the poor decisions of the motorist(s) at fault, can lead not only to grief but anger and resentment.

This seems to be the case regarding a fatal auto accident that took place in Texas earlier this month. The collision took place in the early morning hours on Highway 290 near Waller and involved both an SUV with multiple passengers and a Ford Mustang being driven by a solitary 21-year-old woman.

The crash occurred after the mustang traveled in the wrong direction on 290, ultimately crashing head-on into the SUV and causing it to burst into flames. Harris County Sheriff representatives reported that the SUV had been carrying three cadets from Texas A&M, two of which died on account of the violent accident. The woman who had been behind the wheel of the Mustang was pronounced dead at the scene.

One of the struck SUV’s passenger’s survived the collision and was helped out of the vehicle by a passing motorist; the young man is expected to survive. While no official ruling or test results have yet been made public, authorities have announced that they suspect alcohol to be involved with the deadly accident.

Even though the woman at fault in this accident also lost her life in the collision, victims of such a fatal car crash may have other options for recouping financial losses they’ve sustained on account of medical bills, lost work income, or funeral expenses. A wrongful death case against a motorist’s family, car manufacturer, or even an overserving bar could indeed be quite viable. Working closely with a personal injury attorney is the best means of exploring possible legal action.

Source: CBS Houston, “Three Killed, Including Texas A&M Cadets After Accident,” Cicely Mitchell, Mar. 3, 2013

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