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Were dogs responsible for Texas 96-year-old’s death?

The death of an elderly Texas man seemed to be caused by an attack by a group of dogs. The 96-year-old’s death may have been unrelated, however, and the dogs may have mauled his body afterwards, police speculated. At least two dogs of three reportedly found near the scene were taken by animal control. Investigators on the case had not ruled out the possibility that the man had died of natural causes before the mauling at the home where he had lived for 20 years.

It was also reported that at least one of the dogs belonged to a family that lived on property behind that of the victim. Evidence allegedly showed that a back fence had been clawed through by the dog in an effort to get at the victim. A police officer reported that the wooden fence surround the deceased man’s yard showed holes where the slats had been broken. A grandson of the victim said that three dogs, maybe pit bulls, were near his grandfather’s body when he arrived at the scene. Bite marks were seen all over the 96-year-old’s body, and the lower part of one of his legs was missing.

An autopsy was set to be performed to determine exactly how and when the elderly man died. His family said that he was extremely healthy, that he walked on his own and did things around his house, even at 96 years of age. If it was found that he did die from the mauling, the dogs’ owner could face charges.

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Source: KHOU, “96-year-old Katy man found dead after apparent dog attack“, Tiffany Craig, August 30, 2013