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Two teenagers killed in two-car accident

A two-vehicle car accident in Hardin County has claimed the life of two teenagers. The accident happened around 5 p.m. on Jan. 3, when the vehicle that the two young men were riding in was hit by a SUV on a Texas highway.

The two teenagers, aged 16 and 18, were passengers in the back seat of a Kia that was traveling south on Highway 69, near Hooks Cemetery Road, when the fatal accident occurred. The 17-year-old driver of the Kia was attempting to make a left turn. At the same time another car in the oncoming lane was also trying to turn left. The Kia was proceeding into their turn when a Chevrolet SUV, driven by a 62-year-old man from Beaumont, came around the second car and collided with them.

The driver of the SUV and both people in the front seat of the Kia sustained minor injuries in the accident. Police and highway crews were forced to close both the north and southbound lanes of Highway 69 for over an hour as they worked to provide medical aid and clean up the debris from the accident.

There are no reports of legal action being taken by the police in this case as of yet. Regardless of whether or not Hardin County authorities find a reason to indict the driver of the SUV on criminal charges, the families of the two teenagers killed may choose to file a civil suit against him for his responsibility in the wrongful death of their loved ones. Under Texas law, a judge or jury may examine the case to determine what percentage of the liability he bears for the fatal accident. The monetary award would then be adjusted accordingly.

Source: KBMT, “Two Kountze teens killed in Hardin County accident“, January 03, 2014