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Trucking Dangers in the Eagle Ford

An accident involving an 18 wheeler and a Toyota Camry occurred outside of Kenedy, Texas near Pawnee, Texas on State Highway 72. Apparently, a Toyota Camry struck the rear of the tanker truck which was stopped. The accident occurred in the morning. The driver was airlifted with serious injuries to a hospital in San Antonio. Trucking companies often will take the position if they are struck when stopped the other driver is at fault.

It is often necessary in rear-end collisions to look at various aspects of the accidents to determine fault. Was the truck or 18 wheelers brake lights and/or flashing lights operable, did the truck have flares, triangles, or other warning devices out at the scene? Other factors could include a lack of proper conspicuity reflecting tape/signage to illuminate and identify the trailer? Did the truck driver start to pull-out onto the highway after being stopped?

This accident is a chilling reminder how dangerous the roads have become in and around Karnes County. The site of this accident is less than 10 miles from our Kenedy office and is on a stretch of road we often drive.

In a recent case involving an accident between a commercial vehicle and our client’s vehicle we determined through the discovery process that the commercial vehicle had pulled off the road and made an illegal and dangerous turn from the shoulder of the roadway directly in front of our client. Our client was unable to stop his vehicle that was traveling at highway speeds and crashed into the commercial vehicle. Likewise, we have recently successfully represented a client that was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Our client, along with numerous other vehicles, had properly stopped on a stretch of highway where police were inspecting a collision ahead. The truck driver was paying no attention and according to the electronic data we recovered from his vehicle, was traveling at speeds in excess of 75 miles an hour before coming up on and striking our client’s small SUV.

18-Wheeler, and for that matter any type of commercial vehicle cases, require much more involvement, investigation, knowledge and experience than a wreck involving 2 passenger vehicles. There are numerous State and Federal regulations and guidelines that govern the conduct of these drivers and the companies they work for; as a result, anyone inured by the negligence of a commercial driver or commercial trucking company should consult an experienced trucking lawyer.