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Truck Rollover Kills Floresville Man

A man from Floresville, Texas was killed when his Ford pickup truck rolled over on Halloween night. Apparently the driver of the truck drove onto the grassy shoulder and in attempt to get back onto the roadway the vehicle’s driver overcorrected. This vehicle overcorrection caused the vehicle to rollover twice and the driver was ejected. The pickup landed on top of the driver.

Many vehicles do not provide a safe passenger compartment. Rollover accidents very often result in the death of the driver or passengers because of various design flaws in the vehicle. In many rollover accidents the driver or passengers are ejected and ultimately killed when the vehicle crushes them. Or some people are killed when the roof caves in pinning them inside. Many of these wrongful deaths and injuries would have been prevented if the vehicle had stronger rooflines or break resistant side glass.

If you know someone in Texas that has been seriously injured or killed in a rollover accident contact a law firm with experience in these matters.