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Tragic Collision Kills Bexar County Bicyclists

Over the weekend a couple on a tandem bike were killed in Bexar County.

The cyclists killed were known to be very careful riders who always wore their helmets. Apparently from the published reports it appears as though the driver of the motor vehicle left the roadway as he approached the cyclists from behind and then overcorrected causing the collision. It did not appear as though alcohol played a role in the accident.

This year at least two other deaths have been caused by crashes when cyclist sand motor vehicles collide. The number of serious injuries caused by motor vehicles colliding with bicycles is staggering. It is unfortunate that some members of the public just consider these collisions to be accidents – implying that they are unavoidable. Bexar County and San Antonio should take steps to make our streets safer for bicycles as they contribute to making San Antonio a healthier place to live.

The tragic death of bicyclists in Bexar County highlight the need for an awareness program whereby motor vehicle drivers are taught to give sufficient room to people on bicycles. Governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill earlier this year that would have required motorists to give cyclists at least 3 feet of clearance when passing. It is unknown whether any of the recent cyclist deaths would have been avoided if the law would have passed; however, it is certain that future deaths may be avoided if cyclists are given sufficient safe room when legally using Texas Roadways.