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Tractor Trailer Wrecks in Texas Need to be Thoroughly Investigated

In early July, the Wilson County News reported that, just after lunchtime, a truck driver for R Construction Oilfield Services created a multiple-vehicle wreck. The driver of the tractor trailer caused the crashes due to his failure to adequately stop, while approaching non-moving traffic at the intersection of U.S. 181 and C.R. 130.

The tractor trailer driver was cited for “failure to stop,” but it is unclear what exactly caused this driver to not stop for obviously stalled traffic at this busy intersection in front of Wal-Mart. For the four different vehicles involved in the wreck and the two people who went to the hospital as a result of the collision, it might be helpful for at least one of the parties to contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury and investigating the habits and regulations of truck drivers and trucking companies. There are many different possible issues which could have caused this accident, from possible driver fatigue to potential product defects. It will take an experienced attorney to look closely at the situation and determine which party or parties ought to be held responsible for the damages.