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Texas teen facing charges in fatal one-car crash

A teenager is facing charges following an accident in which one person was killed. The teen has been charged in the 339th state District Court with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter in connection with the fatal accident.

A car containing three people was traveling westbound at a high rate of speed in a Nissan Maxima, in the 9700 block of West Bellfort at approximately 3 a.m. The Nissan lost control and slid into the median, crashing into a large pipe on the side of a bridge. The car went over the side and into the culvert beneath the bridge. According to police, the driver sustained minor injuries in the accident. His front seat passenger received serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. Another passenger in the back seat was pronounced dead at the scene.

The family of the passenger that died in this accident may have grounds to seek a wrongful death claim. The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to compensate the family financially for their loss. The funds may be used to pay for funeral expenses or to replace lost income.

A Texas attorney with a background in personal injury cases might advise surviving family members on their options, including calculating the amount of compensation they need. The attorney may look at several tangible factors, including the person’s potential future earnings and funeral or medical costs. In addition, an attorney may ask about other intangible costs such as emotional pain and suffering and the loss of companionship. Next, an attorney might recommend either negotiation or litigation as the means for pursuing a settlement. The benefit of negotiation is that it may get resolved quicker, allowing the family to avoid the stress and hassle of a trial. Litigation may become necessary if the at-fault driver or their insurance company will not agree to a fair compensation amount.

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