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Texas students seriously injured in car accident

An accident that occurred on Nov. 30 on State Highway 105 East around 8:30 p.m. left five students from a Texas university hospitalized, according to authorities. The accident reportedly happened when a pickup truck crossed the highway’s centerline and collided head-on with a red Hyundai carrying the five students, who were returning to Texas from Thanksgiving holiday in Louisiana.

Rescue workers reportedly required half an hour to extract everyone from the red Hyundai on account of the severity of the collision, and two of the students had to be cut out. Officials described the condition of two students who received aerial transport to a hospital as critical, while the driver of the students’ Hyundai was listed in stable condition. According to authorities, the accident remains under investigation. The Department of Public Safety indicated that no charges were immediately filed in connection with the wreck but that the case will be submitted to the district attorney’s office at the conclusion of their investigation.

After a car accident like the one on State Highway 105 on Nov. 30, people who suffered injuries may consider seeking out the counsel of a personal injury attorney. For, if there is evidence that another party’s actionable behavior led to the accident, the injured victims may deserve financial restitution via civil action.

The burden of proof in a civil trial is lower than the burden of proof in a criminal trial, and even if the party responsible for the event faces criminal charges in relation to the crash, the criminal proceedings will not preclude a civil suit against the same party from being filed. The attorney may advise potential claimants in a personal injury case the best course of action to take.

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