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Texas Girls Speeding More Than Boys?

Are San Antonio teenage girls more likely to get in car accidents than teenage boys? In a recent survey of teenage drivers more girls said that they are likely to speed as compared to the boys in the survey. The data about teen driving comes from online interviews with over 1000 teens.

San Antonio injury lawyers have long known that teenagers cause a disproportionate share of auto accidents. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers and traditionally, boys have accounted for about two-thirds of the deaths.

The survey, which indicated that girls are taking more risks while driving, coincides with the shifting accident and death rates for teenagers. Fatalities for boy drivers have declined faster than girls and the difference in insurance rates for boys and girls have narrowed. Boys are still charged higher premiums but the gap between girls and boys have narrowed.

Texas auto accident injury lawyers will normally see many more teenage boys causing accidents than teenage girls. However, if this study is correct we will see an increase in accidents caused by teenage girls.