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Texas couple’s ‘contagious love’ bound to be missed, mourned

There is no hint of anger or apparent desire to exact retribution on the part of the loved ones of a San Antonio husband and wife whose lives were taken away suddenly last month.

Instead, there is a clear sense from comments made to KABB-TV that the family is confident that neither that couple, nor the other one that was with them, suffered when the small car they were in was broadsided by a semitrailer truck. In fact, the couple’s family and friends say they were inseparable and that their love was contagious.

That is a very positive reaction to such a horrible event. And there is healing that can come with forgiveness. It may be even easier to extend when there is no official police report indicating whether there was clear negligence involved on the part of the driver. If there was, those in mourning might have greater reason to seek recovery for their suffering.

The accident happened in Iowa. According to Fox 29, the two couples had been in that state reuniting with family members they hadn’t seen in a long time. The four of them were reportedly passing through a controlled intersection on a highway on the evening of Aug. 14 when the semi appeared and struck the car.

The truck driver escaped with only minor injuries. At the time this is written, there is no word whether charges have been filed in the matter.

Those with experience in motor vehicle accident litigation know that truck driver negligence is often the cause of a deadly crash. It can be the result of distraction, fatigue or some other reckless act. Regardless of the reason, those who lose loved ones in such circumstances should know they have a right to seek compensation.

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