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Many Texas Buses Are Not Safe

A fatal bus crash near Victoria Texas earlier in 2008 resulted in an initial investigation by the Houston Chronicle. The Houston Chronicle uncovered some irregularities in the titling of the buses owned by Green River Buses. The initial investigation made it appear as though there may have been an attempt to wash the titles so that they could be licensed in Texas. The Houston Chronicle article has spurred the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as Texas Department of Public Safety to investigate the licensing of the company’s buses.

There is a concern because at least 17 buses registered to Green River Buses were made in Mexico which has made many question whether they were made or built to U.S. Safety Standards. Representatives of the Department of Transportation have indicated that there are a large number of illegal buses operating in the United States.

San Antonio with its close proximity to Mexico may very have a large number of illegal buses operating on its roads and highways. If a large commercial bus is traveling on San Antonio roads and it is not properly maintained or was never designed with the safety features common to the U.S. it places not just its passengers at risk but everyone on the highway.